Realize Your College Potential at a Top University

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You could be going to one of these schools

  • Nationally and internationally recognized universities
  • Graduation rates that indicate an academic commitment to student success
  • College Campuses that are located across the United States in large cities, suburbs, and rural communities
  • Students from diverse economic, racial, and ethnic backgrounds
  • Programs and majors in the Liberal Arts, Sciences, Engineering, Business, Communications, Visual and Performing Arts, Health, and many more
  • Individual tutoring, writing centers, health centers, and support programs
  • Housing in residence halls and apartments for socializing and making life-long friendships

Big Future!

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  • Universities where Nobel Prize winners teach and conduct research
  • Schools where you meet people that didn’t go to your high school
  • Courses that present cutting-edge ideas and concepts
  • Opportunities in worldwide and challenging programs
  • National champion athletic teams that compete at the highest level in basketball, football, baseball, hockey, and other intercollegiate sports
  • Leadership skills that alumni use in business, government, and public service
  • Internships with practical skills and job training

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The Enrollment Planning Network is a group of 19 universities encouraging high school students of all backgrounds to attend college. None of the schools has all of the mentioned characteristics, but each has some. Some financial aid programs apply only to U.S. citizens or permanent residents.