Welcome to the Web Site of the Enrollment Planning Network

About the Enrollment Planning Network

The Enrollment Planning Network (EPN) began in 2006 with a small group of private research universities exploring an exchange of historical data and best practices in university administration.  Enrollment managers, admissions directors, and financial aid officers gathered again at the 2009 College Board Forum to create a self-governance structure, articulate organizational objectives, and recruit member universities.

The central activity of the Enrollment Planning Network is the Annual Meeting where participating schools arrange panel discussions and data exchanges.  A typical meeting includes speakers and roundtable panels with leaders in higher education from the One DuPont Circle offices, Capitol Hill, and the education press. Previous discussion topics have included international recruitment, rethinking Pell Grants, and the impact of intercollegiate athletics on admissions. Representatives from attending schools raise questions relevant to their own institution and hear colleagues from peer institutions offer thoughts and suggestions in an open forum discussion.  Annual Meeting sessions are lively, direct, and relevant to the common problems facing enrollment-driven, private research universities that include a popular "round robin" event where each school updates colleagues about the most pressing problems on its campus from the previous year.

The Enrollment Planning Network also conducts “Quick Surveys” at critical times in the admissions cycle about applications, deposits, admission rates, and yields. While these data are available retrospectively from a variety of public sources, sharing the information systematically in a timely manner according to common definitions is highly valuable to those with responsibility for enrollment management.  EPN also shares historical data from the Common Data Set and College Board profiles on a secure website with the calculation of benchmarks and strategic indices focused on admissions and financial aid.

The member schools of the Enrollment Planning Network include American University, Baylor, Boston College, Boston University, Brandeis, Bucknell, Case Western Reserve, Denver, Drexel, Emory, Fordham, George Washington, Lehigh, Miami, Northeastern, Notre Dame, SMU, St. Louis, Santa Clara, Syracuse, TCU, Tufts, Tulane, USC, and Villanova.